Valuation Services

The valuation advisory services division of Dawn Property Consultancy focuses on providing accurate, timely, supportive conclusions of value for all types of plant, machinery and equipment as well as land buildings and farms.

The department comprises of two main divisions:–

 Plant and Machinery
 Land, Buildings and Farms.

Plant and Machinery is the specialist industrial plant, machinery and equipment valuation whilst the Land, Buildings and Farms division aims to provide the most effective and accurate valuation services that are the cornerstone of best property practice and specializes in land and buildings valuations.

Our strengths

Good reputation under a global brand

Unmatched valuation  experience

Client confidentiality

Working as a team under tight deadlines

Strong emphasis on quality

Detailed in-house updated data base

Proven professionalism

Continuous product/service development

Internationally recognised and accepted reports

Plant and Machinery

Our professional engineers and valuers provide Specialist industrial plant, machinery and equipment valuation to all industries.

We have considerable experience working with accounting packages; this enables us to offer a complete asset management consulting service.

Benefits of an Insurance Valuation


  • Accurate assessment of cost minimises risk to the insurers and the insured.
  • Detailed inventory assists in the compilation of a claim in the event of loss.
  • Excessive premiums due to over insurance can be avoided.
  • Internal staff relieved of the extra responsibility of determining insurance figures.
  • Access to Dawn Property Consultancy worldwide network
  • Considerable experience working with accounting packages
  • Asset valuation for going concerns and foreclosures.
  • Preparation of inventories.
  • Valuation for insurance purposes.
  • Valuation to assist in loss assessing.
  • Asset advice for negotiation in mergers and acquisitions.
  • Advice for disposal by private treaty, tender or public auction.
  • Asset register development, asset register supplied in bound, loose-leaf or electronic form and incorporating a plant numbering and asset tagging system.

Balance Sheet Valuations

Our services takes into account  condition, use, utilisation, obsolescence, technological changes, economic and environmental factors, age to reveal when historical values are not representative of current values.

We report for revaluations, verification of historical assets records, plant registers for accounting, cost-centre and other purposes, forecasts of remaining economic life and we consider.

Land, Buildings and Farms

Dawn Property Consultancy has the resources and capability to survey and value all types of assets, whatever the size and complexity, within the region and we specialize in land and building valuations. A comprehensive library and database of building, plant and machinery specifications, suppliers, costs and values is maintained and is unique, having been built-up over the past 31 years or more

  • Valuation for Commercialization and privatization (I.P.O)
  • Purchase, sale and lease
  • Stock market listing
  • Balance sheet and loan purposes
  • Asset register reconciliation
  • Collateral asset review
  • National and local taxation

Professional associations

Dawn Property Consultancy has a national, regional and international exposure derived from its principal staffs’ associate membership and affiliation to both local and internationally recognized professional bodies namely the Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe, the South African Institute of Valuers, the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers of the United States of America, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the European Society of Chartered Surveyors

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